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Amazing Recovery 

I have spent the past five years searching for answers to rid my back pain from an injury I endured slipping on a  retailer's escalator.  I've seen medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists and exercise gurus and no one has helped.  What makes it worse is that I've spent THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars out-of-pocket and through insurance providers and still I have the pain!

At the insistance of a good friend wanting me to meet her family's chiropractor, I vowed this was my last stitch effort...and so I did.

Dr. Stephen Zins "listened to the details" of the accident and within our one-hour consult he gave his assessment.  A 4-visit plan that would remedy the pain coming from a twisted rib that had gone undiagnosed for years.

Two months later I would consider Dr. Zins a "Miracle Doctor"!  I'm 88% free-of-the-pain that I had prior to my visits with him.  I'm committed to being 100% pain free through weekly exercise and a healthy diet.

I am hopeful that this journey will bring me to being pain-free at 50!

Rogers, MN. 

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