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I have been coming to see Dr. Zins for 3 years for rib, back, and neck pain. He is very positive and quick to listen. I feel that he is thorough and has the skills to bring healing by working with the whole body and how it affects all the areas. His way of aligning the whole body and checking the strength through your arms to see what nerves are affected differs from other chiropractors. He has a very thorough treatment process which yield quick results and better overall health. I have been to previous chiropractors because they were covered by my insurance and after 5 appointments they were not able to fix what he can in one appointment.

             --Christina J.

You did more for me in one visit than the chiropractor across the street did in 20 visits.

--New Patient after his first visit

Case Study

I have been seeing Dr. Zins for my healthcare needs since his office opened more than 15 years ago. I started coming to Dr. Zins after a car accident, but he has helped me with many other things over the years, including headaches, back pain and more.

Dr. Zins is the best diagnostician for any problem. I always go to him first to find out what is going on with my health and body. For example, he can tell me whether I have a sinus infection or a virus and then we can decide a course of action.

What makes Dr. Zins different than other chiropractors is he doesn't expect you to sign up for three times a week sessions for the rest of your life. It depends on your diagnosis, but generally, he gets so much more done in each session that I don't need to come very often. The treatment is appropriate in length.

I also value his great sense of humor and that he takes the time to truly understand my problems and concerns. He is also an excellent muscle tester and expert at applied kinesiology. It is always great coming to his office and leaving feeling better. 

--Vicki Javner

Significant Fatigue

February 5th, 2009 I had my first appointment with Dr. Stephen Zins.  I never expected the spectacular results from the simple (but, not easy) instructions he gave me that day.  He gave my an examination which included muscle testing and adjusted my neck and back and said, "Give me one year".  I followed his instructions and removed sugar, dairy, caffeine, artificial sweetener, chocolate and on my own, alcohol from my diet.  Dr. Zins gave me a number of supplements to take and I began my journey to improved health.

I was in sorry shape that first day with Dr. Zins.  I had nothing to lose and much to gain so I was true to his instructions (about 98% of the time) and every six months when I went in for blood work I saw a steady improvement.  A year and a half later I am still seeing improvement in my blood work and friends and family tell me I look sooooo much better.  (I looked pretty sick for about five years.)  I feel much better.  My skin is better, I weigh less, my hair is thicker and my eyelashes are fuller and longer.  

It's been more than a year and a half and I still stay away from the foods I removed from my diet at the beginning, most of the time.  I am grateful because I feel so much better and my life is better for it. 

Thank you Dr. Zins!



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