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Dr. Zins rules! Dr. Zins is not just a chiropractor-he's a whole body specialist and an applied kinesiologist who knows what it takes to get an athlete to reach his/her peak potential.

--Darby Hendrickson, former Minnesota Wild


I have been coming to The Zins Chiropractic Clinic, Ltd. for 12 years, mostly for health maintenance but I have been treated for many ailments over the years. Some of these ailments include allergies, parasites, hormonal imbalances, and skin irritations. My three boys have also benefited greatly from Dr. Zins' treatments for allergies, infections, sports injuries, and foot/arch supports.

Dr. Zins has a very pro-active and holistic approach to health. He treats the mind, organs, and emotional aspects of the body as well as structural and nutritional. His adjustments are supported by emotional and environmental advice as well as nutritional supplements, and he always makes us laugh!



Dr. Zins takes care of the "whole person". I always go to Dr. Zins first for most of my health issues. He deals with prevention, not just waiting until you need treatment for something. I like the time he takes and the way I feel long term under his care. I have been coming to see Dr. Zins for approximately 10 years and both of my children were adjusted within two days of birth and have stayed very healthy ever since.

--Sara A.



Dr. Zins made sure I was aligned properly so I was more flexible and powerful on the ice. His diagnosis and treatment is original and unique because he analyzes the situations [conditions] as they appear every time.

--Brian Bellows, former NHL player


I have been coming to see Dr. Zins for 8 years now. He has helped to treat me for many things including bulging discs, muscle spasms, shoulder tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis. I like that his treatment is effective and you can tell his knowledge of the muscles and nerves is extensive. He is able to zero in on the problem you are having without even having to tell him what is wrong. He makes his patients comfortable with his laughter and humor.

Dr. Zins doesn't use all the gimmicks that many other chiropractors do. He diagnoses the problem and works on the areas that need attention and more. He is the master at being able to immediately get your body healing!




Dr. Zins assists me in staying healthy by uniquely diagnosing injuries that often go unnoticed by others in his field.

--Ben Clymer, former Tampa Bay Lightning


After 2 years of suffering from heel spurs, I decided to ask Dr. Zins about it.  He has made me feel better in all aspects of my life, so I thought I would ask him about my foot.  After his diagnosis, I went back to my Podiatrist and told them what Dr. Zins said.  My Podiatrist made the changes suggested by Dr. Zins and within 3 day of wearing my orthotics my foot improved.  I think it is incredible how Dr. Zins can change someone's life.  I recommend Dr. Zins to anyone and everyone.

--Justine F.

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